Customer Reviews

"I think the Heat Surge heaters are the best thing ever designed. I really enjoy the realistic look and relaxation of the flame effect without the worry of having an actual fire."

Hilda W., Kentucky

"I love the comfort the Fireplace provides and how it puts some atmosphere into the room with it's beauty. I am very pleased with it."

Joseph B., New York

"The Fireplace is easy to use and I like that it has wheels. I just love the mantle and it works very well heating up the rooms."

William S., Michigan

"I have five fireplaces and they are just wonderful. I recommend them to people that live around me and they love them as well. I think Heat Surge is a great company."

Marguerite A., Maryland

"My wife and I really like our Fireplace. We love the flame and especially love the heat it puts out."

Hillard B., Ohio

"I think Heat Surge products are better than anything I have ever purchased before."

Barbara S., Kansas

"I think my Cherry Fireplace has very efficient heat and it saves us a lot of money on our heat bills. Heat Surge Fireplaces are very good for people on limited income."

Angie J, New York

"I am very happy with my Fireplace. I put it at the bottom of my steps and it heats my living room nicely. I think the fireplace is beautiful and I love the craftsmanship, color, and how the flame looks. The Fireplace is so easy to run and my heating bill went down."

Bonnie A., North Carolina

"I have had my Fireplace for two years now and love everything about it. I also have the corner bookcase and I use it in my living room. I have saved on my heating bills ever since I got it and want to say Thank you Heat Surge."

Margaret J., Minnesota

"I really love my Fireplaces. The heaters are great and they have really helped me cut down on my heating bill. I love to sit on my couch and enjoy the realistic look of the fireplace, it is so relaxing."

Wayne H., Nebraska

"My Fireplace is inexpensive to run and it looks very pretty. They do save on your heating cost by turning your thermostat down. I love it!"

Dallas C., Nebraska

"I love the money I save on my heating bills by using my Cherry Fireplace."

Donna D., Washington

"I love the beauty and the savings I get from my Dark Oak Fireplace. There is nothing we dislike about them and now days you cannot find something this high quality for such a low amount of money."

Nadine N., Ohio

"My Cherry Fireplace really helped keep my house warmer and my heating bills low. The mobility of the unit was very helpful because I can move it from the bed room to the living room with ease."

Renee C., Maryland

"I really like the design of my Heat Surge Fireplace and the best part is the heat feels like wood heat, not like an electric heat."

Sylvia T., Michigan

"I really love our Oak Fireplaces because they are reliable and dependable."

Dorothy A., Virginia

"I love my Oak Fireplace because it is so quiet and it's a nice piece of furniture."

Jerry K., Idaho

"I have saved on my heat bills using my Dark Oak Fireplace. I am planning on buying another one soon because Heat Surge is a wonderful product and I am very happy with it."

Dorris W., Missouri

"My Oak Fireplace puts out such good heat that it has lowered my heating bills . Heat Surge is just great! If I have questions customer service is wonderful too."

Timothy H., Indiana

"Now that we use the Dark Oak Fireplace we have saved a ton on our heating bill. The Fireplace really helps us and we get a lot of compliments on the too."

Merlyn R., Ohio

"The Oak Fireplaces I purchased from Heat Surge helped save on my heat bill. I think they are pretty, warm and you can move them around where you need the heat."

Janie B., North Carolina

"My Dark Oak Fireplace saves me money on my heat bill and I am super pleased with the product, it's very attractive and I love how cozy it is."

Margaret A., Colorado

"I loves my Oak Fireplace. It has lowered my heat bill so much. I loves the look of the remote and the fact that the fireplace is portable."

Mary M., Pennsylvania

"I run my Oak Fireplace all the time. It has saved me a ton of money on my heat bills and I think it is a beautiful fireplace."

Sid F., Michigan

"Our Fireplace saves us a ton of money on our heat bill and we use it all the time. Also, the fireplace is very beautiful."

Sharon H., North Carolina

"We like the look of the flames and have saved on our heating bill. The Fireplace works quite well."

James W., Wyoming

"The Light Oak Fireplace I bought from heat Surge is a wonderful little fireplace. It's a cute little fireplace that heats great! It's very sufficient and my heat bills have gone way down."

Susan H., Colorado

"I have four grandkids and they can run around the unit and they don't have to be afraid of getting burned. I have three fireplaces and they heat great. It has saved me a bunch of money on my heat bills and I am totally satisfied with the product."

Ruben G., New Mexico

"I am very pleased with my Light Oak Fireplace. I also love all of the accessories that are available and have recommended the fireplace to my family."

Constella C., New Jersey

"I love the color of my Cherry Fireplace and how light weight it is."

Christie H., Indiana

"I totally believe in Heat Surge products. They are exactly as advertised. My Dark Oak Fireplace is beautiful and my heat bills have gone down using zone heating."

Wendy M., Oregon

"I use my Cherry Fireplace day and night. It has been running for three years now. I love the heat they provide and the savings I have had from using it."

Ida P., Illinois

"I think my Heat Surge Fireplaces are very attractive, and the size is perfect for every room. I am very satisfied."

Janice G., Iowa

"I just want to say that I love everything about my Cherry Fireplace. Thanks Heat Surge."

Lucille G., Utah

"What I love most about my Fireplace is the way the flames look in the evening. I like my Heat Surge better then our actual fireplace."

Caroline H., Virginia

"I think my Cherry Fireplace is very economical and very attractive. It’s a nice piece of furniture and it adds a little bit of ambiance to any room."

Joan C., Nebraska

"I have three Fireplaces and they are really wonderful. I like the way they look and they are easy to move around and easy to use."

Mary S., Florida

"I love the look of my Cherry Fireplace and how it gives a romantic effect but most of all I like that the casing doesn't get hot and I don't have to worry about my kids getting burned."

Patricia R., Michigan

"I was thrilled when I received my Fireplace. I love it because the flames look so real and it blows out the warmest air."

Leon B., Virginia

"My Fireplace looks very nice and I don't have to run the furnace as much because it keeps the room so warm."

Oren B., Ohio

"I think my Cherry Fireplace is just a gorgeous unit and it has nice craftsmanship. It heats good and all my neighbors are jealous."

Charles R., Washington

"The Fireplace I bought from Heat Surge is a nice piece of furniture and my friends enjoy it too. It looks like a real fireplace."

James W., Illinois

"I have a small house and I have two Black Fireplaces and they heat the rooms in my house nicely. They are so pretty that all my guests ask where they can get one and I say only at Heat Surge."

Joann R., Iowa

"I love the color of my Cherry Fireplace, it blends well with my living room and my furniture. I love the heat as well and it really served its purpose during the winter."

Evelyn H., North Carolina

"I like that my Fireplace looks more like a real fire. It is so much better then having to buy little space heaters all the time."

Frederick H., Ohio

"We really love our Cherry Fireplace. It's really nice to look at and the flames really do look like a real fireplace."

William H., Ohio

"I just love my Fireplace, it is so beautiful!!!"

Patricia B., Ohio

"I like that I can wheel my Fireplace around, and it works beautifully. Everyone thinks it's a real fireplace. I am a very satisfied customer."

Keith W., Michigan

"I love looking at my Dark Oak Fireplace, it's so beautiful."

Ina P., North Carolina

"I really like my Fireplace! It looks great and it keeps my feet nice and warm."

Jamie F., New York

"My Fireplace makes my home feel so cozy and comfortable. I just loves it."

Doris V., New York

"I find my Fireplace very comfortable and convenient to use. I enjoy using it on the cold part of the house because it heats beautifully."

Josephine S., Ohio

"I think my Fireplace heats my rooms just right and I really enjoy the features and the quality of the fireplace."

Donna J., Texas

"I bought my first Fireplace in 2009. I really like the way they put out heat and just had to buy another."

Harlen K., West Virginia

"I live in a farm house and my dining room gets very cold but now with my Fireplace, it's nice and warm and I just love it."

Norma L., New York

"I love my Oak Curio Fireplaces. We have had two very bad snow storms and the Curio Units work great!"

Daniel K., Nebraska

"We love our Fireplace. The flames look so real and the heat is so warm, it takes the chill right out of the room."

Phyllis R., Pennsylivania

"The flames and heat of my Fireplace are very romantic and sets a nice mood. Thanks Heat Surge!"

Jean W., New York

"I like my Fireplace better than regular heaters. The Heat Surge Fireplace makes it easier for me to breathe versus regular oil heaters."

Debra K., Washington

"My wife and I love our Fireplace. It keeps the living room, which is the largest room, very warm."

Corbin J., Pennsylvania

"We have our Cherry Fireplace in our bedroom and when we turn the heater on it gives us such warmth."

Mary S., South Carolina

"My cats have given complete approval of the Light Oak Fireplace. It's just the coziest, warmest, and most attractive heater I've ever owned."

Ruth E., Oregon

"I love the look of my Oak Fireplace but what I like most is that it heats my entire room very quickly."

Carolyn M., California

"My Dark Oak and Light Oak Fireplaces give me a warm and safe heat that I really enjoy."

Dorothy B., Manitoba

"Everybody loves my Cherry Fireplace. It's really pretty and does a good job of keeping us warm."

Cleon W., Pennsylvania

"My Fireplace is excellent! We keep it in the front room and now it takes much less money to heat our home. We Love It!"

Arnold J., Washington

"I purchased a Fireplace from Heat Surge and it really works! It provides a great amount of heat and I am very satisfied."

Robert W., Tennessee

"I love Heat Surge. Everyone is so nice and everything you say comes true. I love the output of my Fireplace and the way it looks. I am so glad I got it!"

Gayle W., Kentucky